It's actually very simple. We take the original 3D model of your project and the laser scanning data captured on the construction site. Then we superimpose the scanning over the model. You can easily notice differences when you compare what should have been done and what has actually been built within one visualization. This way, you clearly see delays in the working schedule and keep track of any deviations from the original project.

These are the so-called point clouds. They basically are laser scanning data, which consists of hundreds of millions of tiny particles. Together they look pretty much like a cloud ;)

You don’t need to download anything, CADBIMcheck works on the cloud. Just open any browser and log in to your account on CADBIMcheck.com

If you know how to work in Revit, you have a license and a high-performance workstation, then, indeed, most likely you don’t need CADBIMcheck cloud service. However, there are quite a lot of people out there, who don’t have any of those things but need to monitor a construction process. In this case, CADBIMcheck is the service that can help.

Yes, that’s right. From the point of view of a professional designer, the service doesn’t have a lot of useful tools. The service is primarily designed for clients of the construction industry. It offers everything a client needs: the service is easy-to-use and it works on any device in any standard browser.

None. All computing takes place on high-performance servers in data centers. CADBIMcheck service works on any device.

Currently, the service supports Revit, Navisworks, and IFC formats. Point clouds should be uploaded in .las format.

No, not necessarily. The service offers you a color deviation map of your project, which is a great tool to assess errors of the entire project. You can do it literally at a glance. After general evaluation, you can measure only the necessary points.

We charge you every month, your billing date is the 1st day of each month.

We do not accept cryptocurrency payments at the moment. We are working on that and really hope to fix it soon.

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