The CADBIMcheck cloud service is designed for Clients and Investors of construction projects to conduct online monitoring of construction progress. The service creates a visual digital twin of the construction site based on the data provided by laser scanning and the original BIM model. The digital twin makes it easy to notice delays in the working schedule or deviations from the original project for any manager, even if you’re not a professional in construction industry. CADBIMcheck has a simple interface and works in a browser on any device.


No specific skills
No specialized knowledge and skills in the construction industry required.
No specific software
No additional software necessary. Just a standard browser.
No specific workstation
No powerful workstations needed. The service works on any device.

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No download or registration needed

Full functionality is available in the commercial version of the service.


Point cloud provides the most reliable information about the current state of construction site.
Simple visual evaluation of the progress according to construction plan.
Color deviation map allows you to quickly and accurately assess the quality of the performed work.
You can find and study construction errors of any element from any angle.
Professional measurement and reporting tools.
You can take and save screenshots from any perspective.

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Why CADBIMcheck?

You don’t need to have any specialized skills or knowledge to successfully use the service.
Simple and intuitive interface for users of different backgrounds.
Digital twin fully matches current state of your construction site.
Just a standard browser. No additional software needed.
Easy to use for Clients and Investors, convenient for Contractors.
Each project is available to an unlimited number of users.

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